America's "Harmonica Laureate" Singing & Playing an Unforgettable Blues. author of the worlds best selling harmonica instruction books, and leader of Blues Harmonica Jam Camp.

Announcing Jon's New CD of 12 Original Songs!!

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Click to sample and buy

"The All Night Cafe wakes you from a dream

Some lovers like their java blacken and others add the cream

At the end of any love affair n which you loose your way

You get 24-hour service at the All Night Cafe"


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Click to sample and buy

"When we die, we all come back as music

What else could we possibly be?

But emotional vibrations that
Sing a special language in a way in fact

Expresses life's deepest mystery."


Who is Jon Gindick?

Guitar and harmonica king Jon Gindick has long been known as one of the most exciting harmonica players and teachers on the international scene. His books on playing blues harmonica have sold over a million copies and have inspired tens of thousands to play the harmonica. His Mississippi Delta Blues Harmonica Jam Camps held several times a year in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Ventura, California are world-famous. His act as a single playing harmonica & guitar and singing his songs has opened festivals, and earned standing ovations.